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Fuck it. I'm hooked on this shit.

8/17/12 by Catoblepas

Okay fucking fuck. My last 4 flashes have been about asses and tits. They were fun to make at night without pants on, but afterwards I feel ashamed and cold. I'll stop making these and move on to something funny.

Ezlo: Musich:


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It's understandable, just keep drawing you are very unique and I wish you the best of luck
P.S. I like the music

yo mr e if u r still in charge of the "Creepy guy takes pictures of a nude girl" part really made me laugh because - in fact - you (implying u r the photographer) were the creep taking pictures from the streets of finnlandia

10/22/12 Catoblepas responds:

what the H?



Forget humor, you made the best contribution to the Mario Porn Collab!

I can see your progress as far as the female fluidity in your animations go. You are getting a lot better and should not be discouraged for any reason. I love your style and your animations are smooth as fuck. Just do what you feel like man. You know man.



Missäs on ne painajaisia aiheuttavat kauhujutut? Alkaa tuntua että alkaa ote lipsua sinulta.

8/28/12 Catoblepas responds:

fag off



we all have our ticks...i am not even sure i exist any more, this reality of illusions is getting stronger, the speed plume from free basing is far exceeded its needs. While i slowly wonder if i am in a schizophrenic episode, sitting in an abandon house creating imaginary people to fill the void of utter insanity.

mr e since you did enough mainstream videogame porn and expanded your amount of customers,
where da psychedelics at :-( ?

Are you this person on Drawception? x/

If so, your stuff is FUCKING AWESOME!

8/22/12 Catoblepas responds:

Yeah. also check out the teamwork of my alts in this drawception game



Don't be ashamed. Being an artist is the only job at which you can enjoy your own stuff.
I'll let you in on a secret of mine: Sometimes when i draw superhot chicks in these incredible bendable poses i get a boner and thats when you know you did a good job ;P



Head on over to Hentai-Foundry... They'd love you there.



Bad ass beats, and yea i hear you. All the porn stuff can take a lot out of you afterwards...

meet n fuck princess peach hot xxxxxxxx newgrounds score 4,45



only is funny when some angry kid vote 0.







oops, i meant bloody beet roots



Boyz Noize is fun too



I only remember this and that mario collab with real non-gay porn, my penis sooo wants to see at least one more. Hey, how about comedy porn, classics can sometimes be so boring....



Whatever you decided to make will be glorious no matter what because your artistic skills and your imagination are fascinatingly brilliant.

you dirty slut.