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Oh fate, oh ne-me-sis!

2013-01-08 19:02:06 by Catoblepas

I'm so tired i'm going to pass out into a cup of noodles. Cup noodles. Or an egg.

Luckily, Oizo released some new sounds that I can listen while I build my robots and animate my DIX. Send me some really funny stand up videos pl0x?

Hehe, an egg.

Oh fate, oh ne-me-sis!


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2013-01-08 19:48:18

no fack u


2013-01-08 20:12:52

That makes 1980's German techno sound modern.
Would you like to pet my monkey?


2013-01-08 21:26:14

that gif is disturbing as all hell!


2013-01-08 23:22:21

have you ever made ramen with an egg in it? it's amazing

Catoblepas responds:

Yeah it's tasty.


2013-01-09 12:06:50

That dick is obviously not yours, seeing as it appears to be uncircumcised.


2013-01-17 16:27:36

i approve


2013-01-31 10:51:28

catoblepas (my little buddy) why do you use dither on your gif when the palette is so limited? tell me

Catoblepas responds:

I don't know. I have to google dither.

Ok, the DIC made no sense.


2013-02-01 02:51:53

the dither is the noise you see in the gif. it's very nice to reduce colour banding if you want to compress your palette or have more than 256 colours (usually from gradients or live video) in your gif. your image has a closed palette though and you deliberately do colour banding in your images even if they aren't gif? if you uncheck dithering when you compress and save the image you will get clearer gifs without noise


2013-02-01 02:56:09

uh anyway do you do commissions? i like your pictures with the thick outlines and high saturation. for a picture of a pizza (i'm very serious about pizza) in some kind of setting i would pay... 5 euro. what do you say

Catoblepas responds:

I'd probably do commissions, but I'm never happy with anything I draw, so I keep tweaking the lines and colours and even the simplest of drawings take too much time for it being worthy of the money.