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Entry #18

Help a fellow Neugroundonese to win a competition? I drew a wet pussy holding a brown shaft with the mouth open.

2014-05-18 18:51:44 by Catoblepas

Hey I'm in this competition where I was supposed to draw a picture about this coffee drink. If I win it, the picture will appear in the middle of Helsinki in a giant size, and I'll get a fuckton of money. Maybe I'll be able to buy myself a third kidney. But people will see my picture. At the moment, some lame shit photoshops are winning, maybe we can make my lame shit flash drawing win? I know it sucks, but I'm a fag, so what gonna do? Somehow these people got some Finnish rap groups to advertise their competition entries...


You just need to go here and click the facebook like ('tykkää') button to vote me. 'Jaa' button is share!

Apparently, some people, including me can't see the voting button on firefox? But It works for me on Chrome at least...


Also, here's a music and a screenshot of a collab i'm making with some cool cats. E and Y :O



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2014-10-08 06:08:45

Or do you mean the tykkaa button on your actual comment in the Facebook comments?


2014-10-08 06:07:36

I see Facebook comments but no Like / tykkaa button and I'm in Chrome... I wonder if they can geo-target that to keep foreigners from voting.


2014-10-07 14:43:01



2014-08-25 08:12:02

i admire this


2014-05-25 15:33:06

I liked for great justice! You better win or I want my like back.


2014-05-24 17:11:31

i hope you win


2014-05-23 11:03:45

I've been playing that song daily since the song came out, <3 Boys Noize & Oizo


2014-05-22 08:11:43

if u lose id love to give you my kidney


2014-05-20 16:55:33

I'd like to state for the record that I highly enjoy penis.


2014-05-20 13:46:01

LOL you got me wet pussy haha!


2014-05-20 09:05:20

catman your frizzy fresh picture is choice and boss and some other obscure 90's phrase that means getting hot pussy for dinner.

great work catman! next time kill mice like I FUCKING TOLD YOU


2014-05-19 20:35:18



2014-05-19 18:07:57

Done! Really hope you win. If you do I'll take a train from Tampere to Hel and go check it out myself, if the ad poster doesn't make it to Tre. Anyway, good luck!


2014-05-19 17:11:09

How does "Jaa" translate to "share"?! In any other language "Jaa" translates to "yes". I know this is about your art, but reading Finish in it's natural habitat raised some crazy etymological questions yo'

Catoblepas responds:

'Jakaa' would be 'to share' and 'jaa' is 'share' like in a more commanding form. 'Joo' would be something like 'yeah' or stmhidkwtf.


2014-05-19 14:15:38

lmao, that title! Alright, with that much at stake, what can I do but oblige! Created a fake FB account (it barely takes a minute @VicariousE ;) just for this cause just cause... might come in handy for future causes too...

Catoblepas responds:

Thanks man! If I win, I'll get to a bar and toast for you!


2014-05-19 12:40:20

The photo itself, is amazing and better than any photoshoppers xD. It's awesome see if that was for a new coffee shop. Id go there, liked and shared it, hope you win! :)

Catoblepas responds:

Thanks, man.


2014-05-19 07:10:32



2014-05-19 02:39:29

I dumped in Facebook in 2011, sorry mate. Reminds me of Stasi....


2014-05-18 19:32:20

That's the craziest language I've ever seen dude.

Catoblepas responds:

Just need to remember 'tykkää' and 'jaa'

klik those. :


2014-05-18 19:12:37

Which is the like button

Catoblepas responds:

There should be a like (or 'tykkää') button in there, but at least for me it doesn't show up in firefox for me for some reason. The whole site is haunted.