Oh fate, oh ne-me-sis!

2013-01-08 19:02:06 by Catoblepas

I'm so tired i'm going to pass out into a cup of noodles. Cup noodles. Or an egg.

Luckily, Oizo released some new sounds that I can listen while I build my robots and animate my DIX. Send me some really funny stand up videos pl0x?

Hehe, an egg.

Oh fate, oh ne-me-sis!


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2013-01-08 19:48:18

no fack u


2013-01-08 20:12:52

That makes 1980's German techno sound modern.
Would you like to pet my monkey?


2013-01-08 21:26:14

that gif is disturbing as all hell!


2013-01-08 23:22:21

have you ever made ramen with an egg in it? it's amazing

Catoblepas responds:

Yeah it's tasty.


2013-01-09 12:06:50

That dick is obviously not yours, seeing as it appears to be uncircumcised.


2013-01-17 16:27:36

i approve