Entry #18

It's getting dark outside

2014-11-15 08:16:23 by Catoblepas

I made a loop for The Boogley's LoopDeLoop contest. Also, what year is it?


Yeah this is the album of the year.


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2014-11-15 16:45:07

I need to thank you, Catoblepas.
Without you I would never have known Mr. Oizo made a new album.
I know what I'm getting for Christmas.


2014-11-16 12:48:58

Owe my eyes! The loop goes well with that song, It's trippy as hell.


2014-11-17 08:26:12

It's always fun to go through the latest loops and eventually find one and think "HEY, this guy's from Newgrounds!!"
Pretty fluent stuff.

Catoblepas responds:

Tom Hanks, man!


2014-12-02 15:11:00

jeff weise's ghost says hi


2015-01-27 14:06:41

It's last year


2016-10-24 19:52:29

Are you working for super deluxe?

Catoblepas responds:

What's a Super Deluxe? I can't work right now, I have to finish my Master's :'(


2017-09-23 01:31:35

The year is the the year you come back.

Stop hanging out in the saunas while listening to Texas Faggott and make some more Flashes, damn it.