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It's getting dark outside

2014-11-15 08:16:23 by Catoblepas

I made a loop for The Boogley's LoopDeLoop contest. Also, what year is it?


Yeah this is the album of the year.

Nothing at all? 1376219_139707732511_UINHAfB.jpg


Stop looking over your shoulder.

2013-10-21 07:40:13 by Catoblepas

I made a loop for Boogley's thing. Also, what year is it?

Stop looking over your shoulder.

Mr. Oizo is the Golfinho of Ed Banger.

2013-06-03 17:27:19 by Catoblepas

So stupid and juvenile humour kaksoispistedeedeedee

According to this great listing (vid abov) the new Ed Rec Album contains:

Mr. Gay Flash
Krazy ShitBaldhead
God Damn Justice
DJ Retarded Feadz
Fuck Up Mr. Oizo
Busy Cock Sucker P
The Great DJ Mehdi
So Stupid Me
DS Fucking L

Made me laugh, and your face looks like your mama's cunt.

EDIT: Also Fucking, Sodding SebastiAn. Couldn't figure out the rest.

Mr. Oizo is the Golfinho of Ed Banger.

I know you're not interested.

Oh fate, oh ne-me-sis!

2013-01-08 19:02:06 by Catoblepas

I'm so tired i'm going to pass out into a cup of noodles. Cup noodles. Or an egg.

Luckily, Oizo released some new sounds that I can listen while I build my robots and animate my DIX. Send me some really funny stand up videos pl0x?

Hehe, an egg.

Oh fate, oh ne-me-sis!

It's not entirely my fault, but in the thread discussing about it, only my name comes up.

Results are below the banging piece of music that Nogfish described as "bangin!!!" -Nogfish

Drawception now has NSFW games.

There's a vote about which man-made images get into various electric boxes around the city, and I have entered the competish. All you have to do to get my fucking fish to win, is to go here and click the "thumb up" -button below the text "Äänerstä/Omröstning".

If I win, maybe I'll get motivation to finish this(picture below):

Also, the musix of the last month. Or the month before that, IDK.:

PS. Yeah.

Help me put my fish drawing on a public electric box!

Okay fucking fuck. My last 4 flashes have been about asses and tits. They were fun to make at night without pants on, but afterwards I feel ashamed and cold. I'll stop making these and move on to something funny.

Ezlo: Musich:

Golfinho's sexy Mario collab

2012-07-24 12:36:42 by Catoblepas

Watch it. They're always hilarious.

And as I always put some stupid mysick here. Listen to this ans listen to it well:

Golfinho's sexy Mario collab